Lincoln Cosmetic Dentist Builds Beautiful Smiles

Your smile greets everyone you meet, graces every photo you take, and lets those around you share in your joy. If you’re hiding smile because of cracked, missing or crooked teeth, it’s time to make a change. At Olberding Dental our knowledgeable cosmetic dentistry team can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. As a comprehensive dental care practice, we offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including:

Porcelain Veneers - If you are looking to makeover your smile, veneers are the answer. A veneer is comprised of a thin porcelain shell which is bonded to the front of teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will contour the shape, size, and color to match the surrounding teeth or create the smile you've always wanted. 

Invisalign - An orthodontic option which allows patients to straighten teeth without the use of traditional metal brackets. Invisalign uses clear aligners, adjusted every two weeks, to guide teeth into correct placement. This option is popular amongst adults and teens. 

Gum Contouring - This procedure is typically used to reshape uneven gums or gums that cover a significant portion of the teeth past the lip line.  Your cosmetic dentist will use  non-invasive laser technology to reshape the gums into framing your smile. This procedure is virtually painless and allows faster healing time than the traditional scapel.

Teeth Whitening - Yellow teeth are far from attractive. If you have finally decided to improve your smile, we offer a take home teeth whitening kits which can be purchased in office. We will make the whitening trays to custom fit your teeth in office at your appointment. 

At Olberding Dental we combine cutting edge techniques with modern technologies and the highest quality materials to deliver a result that will exceed your expectations. We don't just create beautiful smiles, we get to the root of your oral health problems to improve function and provide you with added comfort.

Experience the difference it makes having expert care that goes beyond the obvious. Let Dr. Olberding blend elemental principles of complete care with comprehensive techniques in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry to bring beauty, strength, and exquisite functionality to your smile.

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