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Olberding Dental Blog

How to Practice Social Distancing During Dental Visits

June 17, 2020

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Red floor sign from Lincoln dentist encouraging social distancing in COVID-19

Even as the country slowly begins to reopen in the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to remember that social distancing is still the best way to keep ourselves and our communities safe. But how can you maintain six feet of distance from others if you need to go in for dental care? Thankfully, your Lincoln dentist has established numerous additional safety precautions to keep their patients and staff healthy in the pandemic. Here’s how they’re preventing the spread of germs and encouraging social distancing within their practice.


What You Can Expect During Your Next Dental Visit

May 7, 2020

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A dentist in Lincoln maintains proper social distance.

With businesses starting to reopen, it’s time to start thinking about your next preventive care visit. When you arrive for one, you may notice that the entire office feels a little different. That’s a good thing. Your dentist in Lincoln has been diligently preparing for your return by implementing new safety procedures throughout their practice. Keep reading to learn about what changes you can expect to see at your next appointment.


How Dental Practices Stay Safe & Clean During COVID-19

April 25, 2020

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Dentist in Lincoln sterilizes instruments.

The coronavirus has caused many dental practices to limit their services to only emergency cases. If you find yourself facing a dental emergency, it’s natural to feel worried about catching the virus while you receive care. However, you don’t need feel alarmed when stepping into a dentist’s office. Even prior to the pandemic, many dentists were adhering to stringent sterilization and cleaning procedures to minimize their patients’ exposure to germs. As practices slowly reopen, your dentist in Lincoln will add even more safety precautions. Read on to find out what steps are being taken to keep you safe while you receive treatment.


Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Mouth Clean Until Your Next Dental Appointment

March 30, 2020

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Smiling woman holding a toothbrush against gray background

Like any medical professional, a dentist’s first concern is to keep their patients healthy. Thus, to limit the risk of transmitting COVID-19, most dental practices are currently closed except for emergency cases. Of course, this means you may not be able to have a preventive checkup for a while – so your goal until then should be to give your smile the best care possible at home! Use these 4 tips suggested by a dentist in Lincoln to avoid gum disease and cavities while professional dental cleanings are unavailable.


Ask a Dentist: Is It True That Gum Disease Puts Your Heart at Risk?

February 25, 2020

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Woman with brown hair having her gums examined by a dentist

Did you know that February is Gum Disease Awareness Month and American Heart Month? It may seem like these two parts of your body are completely separate, but the truth is that the health of your gums can impact your heart in surprising ways. So what explains the link? And how can you tell if you have gum disease to begin with? Keep reading below for the answers to these questions. You’ll also find out how a dentist in Lincoln can help you stay healthier!


Why Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush or Floss?

February 7, 2020

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Toothbrush with white foam and blood on gray background

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? It can be a startling sight to see blood in your mouth or sink after cleaning your teeth, but it’s no reason to panic. However, easily bleeding gums shouldn’t be ignored either. While it could be the result of something as simple as using the wrong toothbrush, bleeding gums could also be a warning sign of an underlying health condition you need to check out. Read on to learn from your Lincoln dentist what might be causing your gums to bleed and what you can do about it.  


The Best Smile-Friendly Snacks for Your Oral Health

January 28, 2020

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Healthy snacks in heart-shaped dishes

You do your best to take care of your smile with a great dental routine and regular visits to your dentist. But did you know that better oral health can be as close as your kitchen? By cutting back on sugary treats and adding some certain tasty foods to your diet, you can rebuild your enamel, keep your gums healthy, and prevent tooth decay! Here are some smile-friendly snack suggestions from your dentist in Lincoln.


Start 2020 off Right with a Smile and a Dental Checkup

January 2, 2020

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Smiling woman throwing glitter

Have you ever given up on a New Year’s resolution because it was too difficult to accomplish? Perhaps your new healthy habit was too ambitious, or you simply weren’t seeing results fast enough. This year make an easy commitment to bettering yourself by starting with your oral health! Getting a dental checkup is a simple resolution with results you can see now and benefit from in the future. Read on to find out why you should greet the New Year with a smile and a visit to your dentist in Lincoln.


Get a New Smile for the New Year with Invisalign!

December 7, 2019

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Smiling woman holding clear braces

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s the time of year where many people are making ambitious habits and goals to change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, most resolutions don’t make it to spring. But did you know there’s an easy resolution that can change your life and help you reach your other goals as well? If you want to be healthier, happier, and more confident in the upcoming year, getting straighter teeth with Invisalign can help! These clear braces offer an easy way to start improving your life with tangible results. Find out how Invisalign in Lincoln can improve your smile and help you achieve so much more this year!


6 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy This Holiday Season

November 14, 2019

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holiday party

Do you love holiday treats? Well, guess what? So do the bacteria in your mouth. When they chow down on food particles left behind on your teeth, they create acids that can cause cavities and gum disease. Gross, right? As it turns out, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Here are six tips from a dentist in Lincoln to keep your smile healthy during the holiday season.

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