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8 Causes of Complications with Dental Implants of Lincoln?

January 14, 2018

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dental implant screwed into jawboneIf you’ve been suffering from years of tooth loss, then you understand the hardships that it causes: limitations on food consumption, decreased confidence and changes in your facial structure. Therefore, you want a sure remedy to restore your previous state. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with dental implants of Lincoln. This is usually a seamless process, but as with anything else in life, there can be complications. As you continue reading, you’ll learn what some of them are.


Dentist in Lincoln Says Don’t Dismiss Your Oral Health in the New Year

January 4, 2018

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white board resolution written red inkAs the year nears its close, you feel the energy inside you coming to a crescendo, as you contemplate the upcoming calendar cycle with a sense of renewed hope and excitement. You ponder on what changes you’ll make and goals you’ll accomplish. As you go back-and-forth in your mind debating over what should be at the top of your list, your dentist in Lincoln says that oral health should definitely be inserted in the upper tier. Feel free to continue reading to learn why your oral care is so important for your future and how preventive dentistry can fortify it.


Learn More About the Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Lincoln

December 16, 2017

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woman smiling happyEveryone wants to receive comfortable dental care that will be effective. Now, you can with the modern advancements that the dental world has posed: laser dentistry! In fact, your local dentist offers laser dentistry in Lincoln to help patients conveniently and painlessly achieve the smiles they’ve been wanting all along.


Have a Conversation with Your Dentist in Lincoln About Your Oral Health

December 4, 2017

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dentist explaining X-ray using pencilWhat happens if you build a house without taking a soil sample? There’s a chance that you could be laying your foundation on shaky ground. And this can lead to a host of other very intrusive and costly repair processes, attempting to correct a problem that could have been avoided. This analogy also applies to any dental procedure that you may think you need. The equivalent of taking a soil sample is having an initial consultation with your dentist. Learn more about why it’s vital to the quality of care that you receive, that you have a consultation with your dentist in Lincoln.


Sleep Apnea in Lincoln Needs Treatment Now! Don’t Wait!

November 18, 2017

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sleeping man frustrated Many patients have families that they have to have the energy to tend to and be active with. When you don’t have the energy nor the patience to do so because a lack of effective sleep, you’ll begin to see the negative effects on your family and relationships.

Sleep apnea can cause patients to have interruptions in their sleep, leading to other concerns that can drag down other aspects of their life. Your dentist is here to explain what symptoms to look out for when it comes to sleep apnea in Lincoln and why it’s important to seek treatment right away.


Need to Know Terms About Dental Implants in Lincoln

October 29, 2017

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woman smiling happy Your dentist in Lincoln values communication between dental teams and patients. If you’re missing teeth and working to replace them, it can be difficult to make the best decision for your oral health if you don’t understand what your dentist is talking about. Dental implants may be your best option. Learn all about common dental implant terms to better understand how your dentist works to replace your teeth.


Is it Important to Visit the Dentist in Lincoln Regularly?

October 9, 2017

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woman smiling happy Little do many patients know, your oral health directly affects your overall health. Without proper care, you could develop many concerns that affect much more than the beauty of your smile. Your dentist in Lincoln is here to explain why it’s important to adequately take care of your teeth—meaning visiting the dentist twice a year!


Need-To-Know Flossing Advice Form a Lincoln Dentist!

September 25, 2017

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dental checkup You brush your teeth diligently and even use mouthwash to add that extra kick of freshness to your breath, but your dentist tells you your gums are still unhealthy. How could that be?

You may not be flossing. Yeah yeah, we know it’s not the most exciting part of anyone’s day, but it’s amazing for your oral health. Your Lincoln dentist is here to explain why.


The Bottom Line about Toothbrushes from a Lincoln Dentist

September 5, 2017

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colorful dentistsWith so many toothbrushes out there on the market today, it can be difficult to choose which is best for you. Electric, manual—how can you make a solid decision? Your Lincoln dentist is here to give you the pros and cons of both types so that you can make an educated choice the next time you’re browsing the dental health aisle.


How Does Invisalign in Lincoln Work to Straighten Teeth?

August 27, 2017

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clear bracesDo you have crooked teeth or gaps in your smile? Misaligned pearly whites can put a damper on your confidence, but that isn’t the extent of the harm you can do. It can be difficult to keep your mouth clean if your teeth aren’t in their proper places, a quandary that may lead to tooth decay. Many people have benefited from Invisalign. What exactly is Invisalign in Lincoln, and how does it work to give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted?


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