Restoring Lincoln Smiles with Tooth-Colored Fillings

There was a time when mercury fillings were the best solution for restoring teeth with minor surface cavities. While offering many benefits, mercury or amalgam fillings also had shortcomings. Thankfully, for patients requiring fillings today, the days of amalgam fillings are over. Advancements in metal-free, tooth-colored resins have made amalgam fillings a distant memory!

Advantages to Metal-Free Fillings

There are many wonderful advantages to metal-free fillings. Lincoln, NE, dentist Dr. Louis Olberding offers only metal-free alternatives to his patients. Why only offer metal-free fillings? Our team agrees that composite fillings are a better material compared to traditional amalgam fillings. At our practice, we don’t use materials we wouldn’t put in our own mouths.

Our patients love the look and feel of tooth-colored fillings. Metal-free fillings:

  • Are aesthetically pleasing—they look just like natural teeth!
  • Form a stronger bond with the teeth, locking out harmful bacteria
  • Add greater strength and durability to a weak tooth
  • Won’t expand or contract like metal fillings, preventing unnecessary tooth damage
  • Are universally preferred by patients

Why visit Olberding Dental for the placement of non-metal fillings? Because tooth-colored fillings are technique-sensitive. To do a good job and have them last, we spend the time needed to get the job done right.

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